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The aerospace industry is a very important people in modern life, is not only an important means of transport, or people can explore the outer space is an important and indispensable equipment. The sensor also plays a great role in aviation and aerospace, and played by each sensor in aerospace function is different the type of sensor in aerospace industry. So how much, and what is the role of the application?
To achieve the flight control of the aircraft, the first to solve is how to accurately measure the flight parameters of aircraft, such as aircraft attitude angle, angle, angular velocity, overload, flight altitude and speed, so the emergence of a variety of sensitive components, such as gyro, tilt sensor, acceleration sensor, height sensor and displacement and force as an important part of the sensor. The sensor as the flight control system, which plays an important role in the flight control system. The sensor principle is very simple, but for the reasonable application of each sensor is very particular.