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The Testing system is an important part of mechatronics product, used to achieve the measurement function. In mechatronics product, sensor system for the first time, the feeling is equivalent to the organs of the system, for the detection of various physical quantities about the external environment and its own state (such as force, temperature, deformation, distance, location power, etc.) and their changes, and these signals are converted into electrical signals, and then amplified by the corresponding transformation, modulation and demodulation, filtering, detection operation circuit will be useful signal feedback to the control device or display. The function of the realization of the sensor and the corresponding signal detection and processing circuit, constitute detection system of mechatronic product.
It can be said that without the sensor to the original information of the measured accuracy of capture and conversion, all accurate measurement and control will not be achieved, even the most modern electronic computer, there is no accurate information (or reliable data conversion), without distortion of input, will not be able to fully play its due role.
The wide variety of sensors, which is every kind of principle. The resistance strain sensor is widely used for force measuring device, a variety of new institutions, the degree of accuracy and range according to the need to select a range of degrees, also reducing the measurement precision, but also cause high cost and increase the difficulty on the process, therefore, should be based on the measurement requirements of the object, choosing proper scope and precision degree is very important. But no matter what kind of sensors require its stable performance, reliable, durable, easy to use.
At present, the sensor has formed an independent subject. It is more and more close to the small size, high performance, fast transmission of the new products.