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At present, in Europe, countries have proposed the development of railway car networking, China's high-speed railway informationization and car networking is rapidly advancing, as a source of high-speed operation of the underlying data, the importance of sensors are also increasingly prominent. Miniaturization, intelligent and networked sensors will be the future trend, grasp the trend, for lifting rail traffic intelligent sensor, integrated and digital level, promote the development of China's intelligent sensor industry, has far-reaching significance.
The high-speed train is the highest level of intelligent rail transportation products, there are a total of more than 40 thousand parts in China. The new EMU trains, there are thousands of sensors, can upload large amounts of data. It can be said that whenever and wherever possible, as the nerve endings sensor rail transportation equipment, is the security technology of rail transportation equipment operation safety. The key technology is the continual upgrading of equipment devices. Experts predict that the future will be integrated into the intelligent sensor of artificial intelligence, is expected to directly implement fault diagnosis and prediction of the key parts of the train.