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In recent years, our country vigorously develop the green industry, pay attention to the ecological environmental protection is the main trend. New energy and other emerging industries concern, wind power, nuclear power, networking, smart grid and a number of industries are booming. The development of these industries, cannot do without the support of technology, the sensor technology is particularly important.
As the original sensor perception, plays an important role in modern electronic equipment in the development of many new energy status, all cannot do without the wind sensor. For example, wind energy as a clean, sustainable energy development has been the focus of opening and utilization, now many places have wind power station. But to make good use of wind energy. To measure wind speed and direction, we can use the sensor to measure wind speed and wind direction. The wind sensor is made based on the flow sensor can accurately measure wind speed and direction, fast, support the development of wind power generation technology of new energy. At the same time, the wind speed and direction is also related to the layout of the building, natural ventilation effect. For agricultural production, natural disaster prediction is very helpful.
The sensor can not only develop new energy power, but also can improve the utilization rate of energy. As the sensor electronic control system of the electric vehicle information source is a key component of the electronic control system of pure electric vehicles, but also one of the core research fields of electronic technology in electric vehicles.