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The automobile industry is one of the pillar industries of national economic development. The modern car is composed of a simple traffic tools to satisfy the human needs and safety, comfort, convenience and no pollution. The direction of development in automotive electronics, sensors have become the basis for supporting products. The key to realize the strategy of sustainable development in developed countries the new requirement of the automobile industry, and promote the rapid development of sensor technology and application of the sensor. The research and production of the unit of sensor and system of new materials and new processing technology and the production of the new generation, meet the needs of the automotive industry.
A sensor of the automobile is used in automobile electronic control system and the information source is a key component of the automotive electronic control system, and it is also one of the core content of automotive electronic technology research field. Automotive sensors for temperature, pressure, position, speed, acceleration and vibration in real time and other information, accurate measurement and control. Once they perform their duties, a sensor failure. Work will be installed corresponding to normal or even does not work. Therefore, the sensor on the vehicle is very important.